Star Wars The Force Awaken

Story Of The Force Awaken(Episode 7)  :

The Episode 7 of Star Wars is known as Star Wars The Force Awaken.Because it was the 7 part of Star Wars episodes it was written by Noah White.The Box Office Budget is $245,000,000 estimated.The production companies was Lucasfilms,Bad robot and Truenorth Productions.

Star Wars The Force Awaken, is one of the amazing 2015 films directed by J.J. Abrams.History Of Force AwakenThe story was written by Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, and Michael Arndt; and produced by Lucasfilm president and Robot Productions. It is the first film of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The film stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, and kevin Peter Mayhew reprising their original roles. The original actors are joined by a host of new actors including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac.

Star Wars The Force Awaken was released on the last week of December 17, 2015 in the United Kingdom and Asian countries.In December 18, 2015 in North America, and in January 9, 2016 in China this film was released. Some of the North American theaters offered special limited advance showings on the evening of December 17th. Rather than the traditional midnight showing a special event.

Development of The force Awaken (Episode 7):

At the end of October 30,2012 the Disney’s company announced that it had purchased Lucasfilms Ltd.The production company behind the creation of the Star Wars films, from its owner, Star Wars creator George Lucas, for 4.05 billions dollars.

The acquisition came in the wake of Lucas’s announced the retirement on the month of May 31.And the subsequent June 1 announcement that veteran film producer Kathleen Kennedy was succeeding Lucas as Lucasfilm’s company. As part of the merger,Walt Disney revealed. They planned that to produce a sequel trilogy of films beginning in 2015, with Kennedy serving as executive producer.

Music Of Star Wars The Force awaken :

During a concert with the Star Young Musician’s Foundation Debut Orchestra on the first week of February 9, 2013. Composer John Williams stated that he was hoping to get the chance to write the musical scores for the trilogy.

music additionOn the month of July 27, 2013, a video of Williams confirming he would score the new film.This film was screened at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 . Williams previous Star Wars movie scores were recorded in the United Kingdom with the London Symphony Orchestra.Recording sessions for The Force Awakens began in the month of June 2015 at the Sony Pictures Studios’s.

William Ross conducting most of the music and recordings.The first day of the recording was June 1, 2015.Williams attended the sessions of movie and conducted the remainder of the recordings.Williams said that the recording process was “very luxurious”.

With 12 sessions scattered over a five-months period between two months June and November. The score was recorded by the Hollywood Studio Symphony, a freelance orchestra, with sessions continuing on and off over a five-months short period. The film’s soundtrack was released by Walt Disney’s Records on the last week of December 18, 2015.

Releasing and trailer of Star Wars The Force Awaken :

The first teaser trailer released early due to millions of fans demand this.The 88-seconds teaser trailer in theaters across in North America and was released online on November 28, 2014. Names of characters were revealed shortly thereafter in online mock collector cards.

On the last of November 6, 2014, the film’s title was announced as Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Similarly to The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of Jedi, “Episode 7” was included in the film’s opening crawl. In the last month of 2015, Pablo Hidalgo, the creative executive at the Lucasfilm Story Group which handles all the canonical matters for the Star Wars universe series, it was revealed the working title for the film was Shadow of the Empire “for the longest time”.

Trailer Of The Force Awaken :

The first trailer of The Force Awaken was released in November 28,2014.It was the 88 seconds trailer released in North american countries .

The second trailer was released in 16 April 2015 . The June 2015 issue of Variety featured a cover story on Star Wars The Force Awakens, with interviews,cast,crews and images from an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot studio.On the end of September, Facebook released a 360-degree panoramic video clip of a speeder driving across Jakku.

The cast and crew appeared on various TV serials and programs.With including Good Morning America, Live! with Kelly and john Michael, and 60 Minutes.Some members of the cast and crew also participated in an official press conference which was organized on December 5. The film had its amazing red-carpet premiere on December 14 at Hollywood Boulevar.

Reception Of Star Wars The Force Awaken :

Theater tickets became available for pre-order on the date of October 19th. With many online retailers experiencing outages due to heavy demand of episode, including some top sites such as Fandango.By the time of the film’s release the theaters were completely full with crazy fans. Over $100 million in pre-release all tickets were sold. Bypassing the previous record of Star Wars, held by The Dark reception time

Star Wars The Force Awakens was nominated for five Oscars at the 88th Academy Awards .The largest number of award nominations in special events for a single Star Wars film since A New Hope, held on February 28, 2016.

The film was nominated in the amazing categories of Best Film Editing for Maryann Brandon and Mary Joe Markey. Best Original Score for John Williams.

Several awards held their nominations before the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Making the film ineligible for the 73rd Golden Globe Movies Awards and some other awards ceremonies.However, the film was added to the 21st Critics’ Choice Movies Awards’s slate of best picture nominees.

After gaining a special vote by the board of directors and the announcement of the 2015. American Film Institute Movies Awards was delayed until after the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens.Where it was named one of Top Ten Films of the present  year.

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